Lessons covered in Volume 8
(part 1 Over 2 hours)
1. King and Pawn endings
2. More King and Pawn Endings
3. Practical Rook and Pawn Endings
4. Tactical Rook Endings
5. Basic Principles of Minor Piece Endings
6. Queen and Pawn Endings

Also in Vol 8
1. How to win or draw all types King and Pawn endgames with 3 types of opposition
2. Winning pawn break throughs, rule of Square
3. How to play and win minor piece endgame
4. How to win rook endings by creating a bridge
5. Importance of an active rook and more

Lessons covered in Volume 9
1. Advanced Rook and Pawn endings
2. Tactics, sacrifices, and combinations that win endgames
3. How to win uneven material endings such as:
o Queen vs king and pawn
o Queen vs rook
o Queen vs knight and bishop
o Rook vs 2 pawns Rook vsBishop
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In Volumes 8 & 9 Roman teaches you practical and common endgames. You will gain foresight into your endgames and realize a head of time whether it will be won, lost, or drawn. These lessons will help you determine whether to go Into, or avoid the endgame.