Roman's lab presents volumes 10 and 11 - The Greatest Games of Chess - Positional and Tactical Masterpieces Roman selects and analyzes 13 of the greatest games ever played by the top world-class players. The Criteria for selection of these positional and tactical masterpieces was a high level of resistance for both sides and how the game contributed to the history of chess. In part 1: 1. Botvinnik - Capablanca (23:41) 2. Kavalek - Kasparov (19:13) 3. Short - Timman (18:31) 4. Karpov -Kasparov (20:43) 5. Karpov - Kasparov (12:51) 6. Fischer - Reshevsky (6:59) $19.95 each or $37.95 for bothPurchase Volume 10 only -- Purchase Volume 11 only -- Purchase Both Volumes

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Roman's Lab 12 - New Improvements in Opening Theory for the Competitive Player
Roman, one of the world's leading authorities on opening theory, shares his new analysis and improvements in the opening, allowing you to maximize your opening play. This DVD is for the ambitious player who never wants to be without an excellent response when meeting some of White's most solid openings. This DVD covers: * Accelerated Dragon * Closed Sicilian with g3 * Bogo Indian 6.Nc3 * Nimzo Indian 4. a3 * Nimzo Indian 4. f3 * Nimzo Indian 4. Qc2 * Nimzo Indian 4. Bg5 Leningrad * Nimzo Indian 4. e3 Classical

Roman's Lab 13 - Maximize Your Opening Success Against 1.b4,c4,d4,f4

$19.95 each or $37.95 for both
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Roman's Lab 14 & 15 - Improve your Combinational Preparation and Tactical Skills
Volume 14 Featured topics include: Thematic combinations, intuition, pattern recognition, most unusual combinations, combinations in the opening that come from nowhere in the Caro-Kann, Dutch and Grunfeld. Roman's best combinational and tactical game ever.
Volume 15 Featured topics include: Multiple thematic combinations in the Nimzo Indian, Unexpected tactical shots in the Scotch, Thematic counter combinations in the Ruy Lopez, Complex combination in the English, Unusual endgame tactics and combinations and quiet tactical moves.
$19.95 each or $37.95 for both
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Roman's Lab 16 - Learn to Play the English Opening the Easy Way
Roman will teach you the unique way he plays White's most solid and easy to learn repertoire. Complex theory and variations are replaced with easy to learn plans and strategies that will teach you how to achieve good positions against all of black's responses.                                $19.95    Purchase Volume 16

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Roman's Lab 17 - Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black
In Volume 17 Roman gives you 2 of his secret opening weapons 1. The New Revolutionary Sicilian - Roman has beaten the top players in the world with this unknown variation of the Sicilian. This is a tested powerful line and gives Black an advantage in the opening. Move order 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6 6.Bg5 g6!! 2. The Scandinavian ...Nf6 - A forgotten opening, solid and a great surprise weapon. This opening according to Roman is as good as the French, Caro-Kann, and some variations of the Sicilian.                              $19.95

Roman's Lab 17                          $24.95  Purchase Volume 17 1
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- ol to Better Chess & Secrets in Beating Your Chess Computer Programsn Volu18 There is little information on how to improve your Blitz Chegame. Roman has had a blitz rating as high as 3450 on the Intet Chess Club and will pass his knowledge on to you on how blitz is played on the highest lev He recommends ideas openings to iove your Bligame which will also help you improve your over th board skills. When it comes to Secrets in beatr Chess Computer Programs, Roman is one of the best G.M. in the world and has even helped programmers improves flaws in their own programs. Computer Programs can look at millions of positions a second. Roman recommends and gives you ideas on how to give your computer positions where there is nothing to calculate. This will help you level the playing field, since most humans understand weak pieces and closed positions better than computers. Roman will help you with a plan to exploit these weaknesses                            $24.95.

Roman's Lab 19 - Understanding and Dominating Your Chess Game with Pawn Structures
In Volu19 Pawn structures are involved in all aspects of your chess game and re the most importanart of strategic planning. Roman will guide you through all the various pawn structures and by understanding pawn structures you will be able to achieve better positions and dominate your $chess games. $24.95 
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Roman's Lab 20 - Step by Step Essential Maneuvering in Closed Positions
In Volume 20 Roman will take you step by step through several highly instructional games by the master of positional maneuvering Grandmaster Tigran Petrosian. In order to achieve a higher level in chess it is essential to have maneuvering skills, planning, and the understanding of each position. Roman will teach you the skills you need to master the art of positional maneuvering in closed positions.  $19.95   Purchase Volume 20

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