New 7 Part Strategy Series

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New Roman Vol.114

Vol.114 Stategy Behind Pawn Breakthroughs in the Opening , Middle & Endgame

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94 Minutes

On This DVD Roman will teach you the Strategy of Pawn breakthroughs in the opening middle and endgame which commonly appear during all phases of every game.
Roman covers deadly thematic ideas when your opponent has little counter play.
Also how winning tactical sacrifices are a result of pawn breakthroughs.
Your understanding and recognition of pawn breakthroughs will increase and also your awareness on how to prevent them will result in more wins!!

Strategy Behind Positional Sacrifices for Strategical Gains

Vol. 110

Strategy Series Vol.5

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Strategy Behind Positional Sacrifices For Strategical Gains
Highly Instructional DvD with alot of positional aspects of the game and the value of it.
Sacrificing material for a wide variety of Strategical compensation.
This is Great material for Mastering your own positional skills.
Strategy Chess Series Vol.5


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Vol.109 Strategy Behind Playing With Strong Outpost's Easily Explained
98 Minutes
Chess Strategy Series Vol. 4

On This DvD, Roman explains one of the most important aspects of Positional Play
Playing with Strong OutPost's and Playing Against Strong Outpost's
Roman will take you step by step through games of the greatest minds of Chess.
Explaining the basics behind the Strategy of outpost's. Roman presents an easy way to learn positional play for you to apply to your own games.

Strategy Series Vol.3

Volume 0108r - Strategy Behind Learning Tactics Easily Explain

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Vol. 108 Strategy Behind Learning Tactics Easily Explained (92 Minutes)

Chess Strategy Series Vol.3

On this Dvd Roman will take you step by step on How to get better at Tactics.
This is one of the most difficult subjects to explain.
By takings themes and tactics from his own games Roman brings a clearer
and easiler way to understand and improve your tactical skillls.
Roman will demostrate using pattern recognition taken from his some of his opening
Aso included the best tacic combination ever!!!!

Strategy of How to get a Winning Advantage with bad Pawns

Vol. 107 Strategy Series Vol.2

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Vol. 107 (85 Minutes)
Strategy of How to Get a Winning Advantage with Bad Pawns

Chess Strategy Series Vol.2

On This Dvd Roman gives you carefully selected examples of advantages and disadvantages of weak and damages pawn Structures these examples can easily
be applied to your own games.

On this DvD Roman gives carefully selected examples of advantages and disadvantages of weak and damage pawn structures. Highly instructional material that you will be able to apply to your own games.

Chess Strategy Vol.1

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This dvd will help your chess game whether you’re a novice level player or master, Roman will teach you how to play and win by blockading Pawns right out of the Opening. Blockaded Pawns occur in every openings and by following  Roman’s  easy  universal system you will have a new way to win games. You will become a much better chess player once you master what Roman teaches you and be able to convert Blockaded Pawn structures into wins!!!

Dynamics of Strategy and How to Create a plan Easily Explained

Vol. 86 part 3 (2 hours and 16 minutes)

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Learn to make plans like the Grandmasters in your own games!

This dvd will help you the next time you are sitting across from your opponet and not sure what your next move is. You will gain confidence by learning about strategy and ideas to look for to create a plan. A plan may consist of a Pawn Minority attack, controlling the center or just improving your pieces. This newfound Knowledge will improve your play and generate more wins.


1) Intro Dynamic Strategy and Planing

2) Basic pawn skeleton

3)Doubled pawns 1 and 2

4) IQP Game

5) Protected passed pawn

6) Minority Attack game

7) Dynamics of strategy

8) Good and bad pieces

9) Pawn Chains rival attacks

10) Material advantage

11) No strategy without a safe King.