Volume 6

Secrets on How to Think Like a Grandmaster + Las Vegas International Chess Festival—Two DVD Set!

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On Disc One, Susan shares with you 3 of her best and highly instructional games on how a GrandMaster thinks, reasons and approaches each move. This DVD will help you to take these easy to follow ideas and principles and apply them to your own games.

On the second disc, the Polgar sisters Susan, Sofia, and Judit along with their parents give their first public appearance in over 10 years. The Polgar sisters reunite for a historic 81-board Triplex Simul, where each sister will alternated moves at every board. This DVD also contains interviews, a questions-and-answers session with the Polgar Family, and a bonus lecture by Susan on chess principles, tactics and combinations.

So sit back and enjoy a fun and wonderful experience with the Polgar Family at this years National Open held in Las Vegas.

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