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Roman and Rybka Perfecting The Opening Series Volumes 78-99

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More Roman DvDs Volumes 65-77



Roman has gathered some of the best games  played with his original opening ideas and concepts to update you in the latest chess theory. Including great tactics generated by novelties as well as very entertaining Puzzles and amazing endgames.Roman  will also bring you a brief analysis of current developments played on the highest level.This Vol. 100 is a collection of some of the best chess material Roman has brought you over the last. 2 decades.

Simple Universal Way To Play Against All the Slav Systems

Volume 99 Purchase $17.95

83 minutes

On This DVD Roman will teach you the Exchange variation of the Slav reincarnated as one of the most competitive lines against 2...c6. Games of Gm's and IM's based on detailed analysis and supported by powerful RYBKA 4 engine. Systems that can be learned in hrs and mastered on daily bases are by far the simplest way to play against the Slav. This system is based on easy to learn ideas saving you countless hours of studying.  Roman gives you everything you need to be successful with this quiet opening that can quickly turn deadly for your opponent. So if you want an active opening to play for a win the Exchange variation is for you.



Demo Vol.98 C3 Sicilian Purchase

On this DvD Roman will teach you using highly instructional games an easy to learn system for White to play
against the Sicilian. C3 played on move 2 gives white a clear plan and allows quick development. Playing
the Alapin you will not have to learn long variation in order to get an easy to play comfortable positions.
Roman was winning games using this variation over 50 years ago.

Purchase Vol. 98

Demo Caro-Kann White Vol. 97

Volume 97

Purchase 18.95


Demo Caro-Kann Black Vol. 97

Volume 97

Purchase 18.95



Volume 97

Purchase 18.95

118 Minutes

New !!!!!
  Simple and Comfortable Systems in The Caro-Kann for White & Black 

On this DvD Roman will teach you an amazing easy to learn System to get the most comfortable and promising clear plan for White in the Caro-Kann.

Roman does a great job of explaining how to get a clear plan that gives you a good chance of winning this material is not common so your opponet

will be unfamilaron what to do it is easy to create an attack by just following what Roman teaches you

For Black you will learn a forgotten system which will give you an easy game plan with active and promising positions. This active way to play helped Roman win his biggest tournament ever. Roman is not fond of openings thet are not active 30 years ago a team of GM's came up with an active system in the Caro-Kann for black.

This is what Roman recommends on this dvd to give black a chance a better chance to achieve the initiative.


Watch Vol.96 Demo- Dismantle The Petroff


Vol. 96 Dismantling the Petroff defence at the highest level

Purchase 18.95

110 Minutes

On this DVD Roman clearly outlines extremely
dangerous lines for black in Petroff defence.
Evolution of the dangerous line for black is explained.based on games
of the top Grandmasters and careful analysis By Roman.  After watching
several Super GM’s
Get destroyed you will wonder why anyone would ever play the Petroff.
So be prepare in case you are fortunate
enough to have someone play it against you


New !!!!

Demo Vol.95 !!!


Vol. 95 Highly Instructive and Educational games for the Scandinavain Nf6 and Qxd5 Center Counter Player

Purchase 16.95

96 Minutes

On this Dvd, Roman covers highly instructive games in
the Scandinavian Nf6 and the Center Counter Qxd5.
These games are very typical of the opening and are
extremely helpful for players of all levels. You will see the ideas of the opening intergrated in every game. Games
are selected to outline main idea described in opening
analysis and have great practical value. Roman will also
cover what new lines to avoid in the Scandinavian.
  This is a great follow up to Romans earlier Scandinavian Dvds Vols.17 & 24

New !!!

Vol.94 Reti Demo

Vol. 94 Highly Instructive and Educational games for the Dynamic Reti Player

Purchase 16.95

111 minutes

On this DVD you will see how some quiet and slow opening
positions turn quickly in to very flashy tactics, this is the result
of the dynamic nature of the Reti opening .
Highly recommended and very instructive dvd for tournament players. So
sit back and discover the amazing resources of the Reti opening from
someone that had tremendous success with it at the highest level

Vol. 93 Demo

Vol. 93 Highly Instructive and educational games for the English Player

Purchase 16.95

91 minutes

On this DVD Roman displays games played with different systems of English Opening.

9 Highly instructional games and educating material about various typical mistakes played by all levels of players.

Roman will demostrate the way the English suppose is to be played.

Roman is an expert on the English Opening and with Rybka’s help analyzing these games

the material presented will increase your understanding of the English Opening resulting in much better play in your own games.

Volume 92 Staggering Novelties

95 minutes

Purchase 17.95


Incredible New Theory in the Scotch & Accelerated Dragon and a Positional Sacrifice in the g3 Sicilian

On this dvd Roman and Rybka spent countless hours of analyzing to create

unortodox and incredible positional sacrifice in the Sicilian along with shocking discoveries in .
in the Scotch and Accelerated Dragon.

See how you can divercify in the very early stages of these openings to achiev an advantage.
This is one of the most instructive and creative DVDs to date so be the first to view this new unpublished material on opening theory

Volume 91 Practical Killer Traps and Super Sharp lines for the 1.e4 Player

110 minutes

Purchase 17.95

In this DVD you can see wide variety of super sharp and very very practical continuations  with exiting combinations and traps .

  Easy to adapt and make opening play dangerous for your oponent is the target.   Most of the suggestions are original and have never been published before


2.The Caro-Kann Panov Attack

3.The French Defence

4.Center Counter Gambit

Roman using Rybka to verify his own analysis again has reversed opening theory

The traps that you will learn are against popular lines which your opponent will have no idea that they just became unsound.

So if your an 1.e4 player  you will be prepared to rack up some quick wins.


Volume 90

70 minutes

Purchase 18.95

On this DVD the Roman Rybka team brings to you a detailed analysis on the Burn - Morozevich variation of the French Defence. The analysis creates a new way for Black and White to play. Roman will show you newly discovered tactical and positional lines for both sides. So whether you play or play against The Burn-Morozevich variation this new innovative analysis Is a must if you want to get the edge on your opponent.

Reviewed by John Elburg

Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili explains in a small 90 minutes the secrets of the Burn- Morozevich Variation that runs with
the moves 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 dxe4 5.Nxe4 Be7 6.Bxf6 gxf6.
The Rybka team from ChessOnDVD.com runs under the companionship of Larry Kaufman,who by the way wrote not so long ago a interesting article on this line
in the New in Chess Year books.
The material is build-up in the following sections: Mainline,two heavy loaded  games  and a well explained conclusion.
Roman Dzindzichashvili does not work to much with references to the games but the evaluated material from him is certainly
more than enough to get started with the move 6…gxf6!?
Recapturing with the pawn on f6 leads to a more dynamic game but he must not forget his king's pawns.
When I compare this DVd with the analyses from Lev Psakhis in his book the French Defence,Steinitz,Classical  and other systems, Batsford
2004 than I only can say go for this DVD from Dzindzichashvili!
Because the instructive will help you to play and understand the Morozevich Variation in a much  easier  way of understanding!
Conclusion: Nice work to get started with the Burn/Morozevich Variation! 

Understanding The ConCept Of the Middlegame Based on Opening Strategy

81 minutes


Purchase 18.95


On this DVD Roman provides a very instructive handbook for players of all levels that will keep you  correctly focused on middlegame ideas and concepts.These ideas are based on opening strategy as well as basic principles ,also Roman will give you powerful presentation on pawn structures. Roman will demonstrate using examples taken from his own games and favorite openings, the important of understanding the opening ideas and what to strive for transitioning into the middle game. The basic principles of chess such piece development and placement as well as pawn structures will help determine each player’s criteria to create a course of action. For example if your opponent has an isolated pawn one idea given is to exchange pieces to weaken your opponent’s position. Also how to take advantage of symmetrical pawns structures which usually favor White.Examples on blockading pawns and dominating squares are given to enlighten the viewer so these concepts can be recognized and applied to their own games Pawn structures are difficult to access at any level so to come up with the correct plan requires a deep understanding of the opening strategies and concepts which this DVD will help provide to you. So sit back and let Roman once again increase your level of understanding of the middle game.