Closed Sicilian

Art Of Winning with the Isolated Pawn in
The Panov Attack

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83 Minutes

The Panov Attack is one of the most important opening positions in chess to learn.  It is rich with positional play, building attacks, maneuvers tactics and much more.

 On this DVD Roman will explain the art of playing with an isolated pawn by mastering this art you will learn the science of chess and become a better chess player.

 The Panov is a must to master because it can transposes from several different openings including The Caro-, Grunfeld, Tarrasch, Nimzo Indian, Center Counter, and Accelerated Dragon. Roman will increase your understanding of playing and winning with the isolated pawn positions that arises in the Panov Attack

New Roman Vol.114

Vol.114 Stategy Behind Pawn Breakthroughs in the Opening , Middle & Endgame

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94 Minutes

On This DVD Roman will teach you the Strategy of Pawn breakthroughs in the opening middle and endgame which commonly appear during all phases of every game.
Roman covers deadly thematic ideas when your opponent has little counter play.
Also how winning tactical sacrifices are a result of pawn breakthroughs.
Your understanding and recognition of pawn breakthroughs will increase and also your awareness on how to prevent them will result in more wins!!



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1.   Latest in Kings Indian ideas, missed opportunities novelties.

Based on games in last 12-18 months. Extremely interesting input ,
that has never been published

2. Significant changes in some critical positions of Nimzo Indian.
Evaluations reversed and totally fresh ideas. Based on games of last
12-18 months.

Easy approach to Nimzo Indian, that was never introduced on public bases

3. Breakthrough as a critical tool in Middle games and endgames. In
dynamic and static positions.

Explained in wide variety of positions as one of the most critical
elements of the game.
Very instructive DVD for every player of any level


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On this Dvd Roman Brings you the latest in Theory
in the Nimzo-Indian. Based on game

s in the last 12 to 18 months Roman
will give you new ideas and  suprise reversal of previous opening


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The Queens Gambit Declined

Volume 0111r - Highly Instructional Games