Foundation of Chess Series 

Chess for Absolute Beginners by Susan Polgar



This Dvd is by far the best ever made to teach absolute beginners how to play the worlds greatest game.This a fun and Innovative way to learn how to play chess. 

Susan Polgar with the aid of great graphics and annimation will teach you how to play the worlds most prestigious game.

This dvd covers, tactics, checkmates, rules, notations, setting up the board and everything there is to know about learning how to play chess. Recommened for everyone!!!!!!


Volume 1 - 6: The entire set of Learning how to Play Chess the Easy way
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Volume 1: The Basic Principles of Chess

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Susan will take you through 8 easy to follow highly instructive games covering the basic principles of chess This will help your understanding of chess and guaranteed to improve your chess game Susan will show you how to avoid the most common mistakes made in chess and give your chess game a strong fundamentally

sound foundation

Vol. 1

This DVD was designed to help the novice to intermediate player so sit back and let one of the World's strongest player train you


Volume 2: Learn How to Create a Plan in the Opening, Middle, and Endgame
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1. Susan covers opening plans in seven different sample openings: Kings Indian Defense Meran Defense Dutch Stonewall Defense Queens Gambit Exchange (Carlsbad Variation) Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation French Defense Sicilian Dragon

    Kings Indian

    The basic plan in the early opening is to control the center, develop your pieces, and put your King in safety by castling as soon as possible. The next step is the formulate plans based on Pawn structure, where the Kings have castled and where the pieces have developed. That is what we will see in the seven examples.

    Plans in the Middlegame:

    In chess, the middlegame stage is the most complex and complicated. There are many different kinds of plans but in general it can be divided in two main groups

    Plans in the Endgame

    In the endgame, plans actually often involve many moves. For example, here is a typical scenario: A King walks from one side of the board to the other, captures an enemy Pawn and creating a passed Pawn, then advancing the passed Pawn to become a Queen.

    Remember in the endgame (unlike in the opening and middlegame), the King usually should be an active participant. Very often the game revolves around a passed pawn, whether it can become a Queen or it can be stopped.


    Volume 3: Essential Chess Tactics and Combinations

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    Tactics and combinations are an essential part of chess. In this DVD, Susan will introduce to you the most common tactical elements in chess such as forks, pins, skewers, discovered attacks, double attacks / checks, removing the guard, checkmates and more. Susan has composed most of the 64 exercises problems that will teach you her unique way to learn pattern recognition. Tactics can and do happen in all parts of the game, in the opening, in the middle game as well, as in the end game. In each element we will see one move solutions first and then move on to two and three moves combinations.So sit back and let the 4-time Women’s World and 5-time Olympic champion train you.

    Volume 4: Learn How to Avoid Opening Traps & Pitfalls
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    It is always nice to win a game quickly. But some opening traps are based only on hopes that the opponent will make a serious mistake. If the opponents play correctly, the trap could backfire.

On this DVD Susan will take you through a number of opening traps & short games. By knowing what to do and what to avoid, you can turn the tables on your opponent, giving you the win instead of becoming the falling victim to a “cheapo”.

DVD Summary  -  Remember to follow the Opening Principles and know how to develop your pieces.

        Vol. 4

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Volume 5: Bobby Fischer's Most Brilliant Instructional Games and Combinations
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Early in her chess career, Susan answers some of the questions everyone wants to know; like who would of won a Fischer Karpov match in 1975, the impact Fischer had on chess, what she learned from Bobby and how he compares with today’s best. Susan Polgar will share with you her experiences she had with Bobby Fischer.

So let one World Champion take you through another World Champion timeless masterpieces, which will certainly enhance your chess Knowledge and ability




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Volume 6: Secrets on How to Think Like a Grandmaster + Las Vegas International Chess Festival—Two DVD Set!   List $ 34.95  
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On Disc One, Susan shares with you 3 of her best and highly instructional games on how a GrandMaster thinks, reasons and approaches each move. This DVD will help you to take these easy to follow ideas and principles and apply them to your own games. On the second disc, the Polgar sisters Susan, Sofia, and Judit along with their parents give their first public appearance in over 10 years. The Polgar sisters reunite for a historic 81-board Triplex Simul, where each sister will alternated moves at every board. This DVD also contains interviews, a questions-and-answers session with the Polgar Family, and a bonus lecture by Susan on chess principles, tactics and combinations. So sit back and enjoy a fun and wonderful experience with the Polgar Family at this years National Open held in Las Vegas