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Chess with Geoff (Chess for Beginners)
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Chess With Geoff: How To Play Chess (for kids), Volume 1 - Welcome to a fun and exciting series of educational chess dvds! Educators for years have been aware of the many benefits the systematic learning of chess produces. Geoff has been teaching in schools for over a decade and has translated a proven method of teaching chess into this great dvd. This dvd is the first in a series of videos that the young and the young at heart will love!

The lessons on this dvd include:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Chess
Lesson 2: The Knight

Lesson 3: The Pawn

Lesson 4: The Other Pieces

Lesson 5: Check and Checkmate

Lesson 6: Castling

Lesson 7: Pawn Promotion

Lesson 8: Stalemate

Lesson 9: En Passant/Board Set up

Lesson 3: The Pawn