Grandmaster Best Games DVD Collection Grandmaster Best Games DVD Collection
Karpov Vol. 2
Purchase  GM Anatoly Karpov 79 minutes

T In the second volume of a series of chess videos devoted to his best games, the 12th World Champion GM Anatoly Karpov discusses and analyzes four of his best tournament games of recent times - those against Andras Adorjan (Lucerne 1989), Artur Yusupov (USSR Ch. 1988), Garry Kasparov (Belfort 1988), and Gyula Sax (Linares 1983). . This dvd (and others in the series) provide the viewer with a unique perspective on the thought processes of a World Chess Champion.

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Karpov 4 Vol. Set $79.95  340 minutes

Mr. Six Time Vol. 1 by G.M. Browne 
Mr. Six Time Vol. 2 by G.M. Browne 

Mr. Six Time Both Vol. 1 & 2 $39.95

Shirov Vol. 1

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Best Endgame Game: Shirov Vol. 1 

Shirov Best Game Collection $$119.00

G.M. Gurevich Vol. 1 $20.95

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