Think and Play like a GM vol.144 and 152

The Dragon Vol.140,141,142,143



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Vol. 152 How to Think And Play the Chess Opening’s
Like a GrandMaster
(GM Timur Gareev) 2 Hours Step by Step thought process on how a GM approaches each Opening move.
Guaranteed to give you the tools to be a Better Chess Player !! On This DVD GM Gareev will take you through the thought process on how to play Chess Opening’s when you are faced with unfamiliar lines and positions. Even GM’s can get surprised in the openings with new moves and novelties. GM Gareev will give teach you the thought process behind how to find the best move in unknown positions. Opening ideas and strategies covered are easily explained so that you can understand and immediately apply this new found knowledge to your own games.
Opening’s Covered
for both sides
Benoni, Ruy Lopez, QGA,
Closed Sicilian


Vol. 144 Easy to Learn Step by Step Strategies On How to Think and Play Like A GrandMaster

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(GM Timur Gareev) 3 Hours 25 Minutes

GM Gareev blasting through The 2012 North American Open scoring 8 out of 9 points and achieving a 2890 Fide performance rating!!

This DVD is a step by step guide to improve Your chess and reach your desired goals. GM Gareev will explain his thought process in tournament play, analysis and a lesson plan on concepts, tactics and strategies that will improve your game and give you a road map on thinking and playing like a GrandMaster.

Openings covered Queens Indian, Pirc, Grunfeld, Queens Gambit Accepted & Declined, Hedgehog, Exchange Ruy Lopez, Tactical Ideas in The Italian Game

The Sicilian Dragon Series

Vol.143 Classical Sicilian Dragon $19.95

All 4 Dragon Series $49.95

Vol. 143 Classical Dragon This is part 4 final dvd on Dragon
The Classical Dragon is White's second most popular reply to the Sicilian Dragon
next to the Yugoslav Attack. GM Timur will give you lines for both
White and Black.6.f4
Accelerated dragon


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2 hours 6 minutes

The Sicilian Dragon Series
Vol. 140  Easy Way to Learn How to Play
The Sicilian Dragon 2hours 6 mins.
"Gaining The Winning Edge"
GM Timur  Gareev
  (Currently Ranked in the  top 100 Players in the World )

Presents on this DvD the thematical ideas and motives in The Sicilian Dragon.
  GM Gareev covers the key ideas and tactical routes for Black to gain
a counter-attacking edge. Also Modern Examples-Mastering the sharpest
theoretical variations and understanding White's attacking motives.
Material is made easy to understand and learn
by avoiding long complicated lines.

This Dvd Dragon Series covers lines for both White and Black.
TheDvD starts with Introduction and continues on to the first step of
classic examples by Simagin.
  2. phase is understanding white's attacking motives:
  3. phase is engaging in theoretical battles:Modern Elite Chess examples.

This DvD serves to introduce the player to the thematical ideas and
motives in Dragon variation. GM Timur discusses the key ideas and
tactical routes for black to gain the counter-attacking edge.
Simagin Classic Games: fundamentals & key ideas
Karpov-Kortchnoi- White's flawless execution of the plan-Gaining
awareness of opponent's potential.
Elite Chess: Modern Examples-Mastering the sharpest theoretical variations.
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2 hours 36 minutes

The Sicilian Dragon Series 2hours 36 minutes
Beating TheYugo-Slav Attack 9.0-0-0
with 9....d5
Part 1
GM Timur  Gareev& GM Ronen Har-Zv

White plays 9.0-0-0 leaving the Bishop on f1 this is a serious
alternative in the Yugoslav attack instead of  9. Bc4. White goes
immediately for a kingside attack while Black counters with 9…... d5
avoiding  long forced tactical moves.
  On this dvd GM Gareev and Har-Zv they recommends a more strategically
positional approach giving new ideas for Black resulting in lots of
wins at the highest level.
  This Series covers lines for both White and Black

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121 Minutes

GM Timur  Gareev& GM Ronen Har-Zv

Beating TheYugo-Slav Attack 9.B-c4
Part 2
Unleashing The Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon is a solid way for Black to get a Winning edge
against the Yugo-Slav Attack. Black’s attack is quicker and rich with
tactics and sacrifices. Easy to learn less to memorize after white
plays 9.Bc4 Black can Play N-a5, B-d7, R-b8, b5! This system has
recorded great results at the highest level.
Now White has to be worried about getting checkmated!
Material is presented for White & Black

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