IM Andrew Martin (England)

  Foxy Opening Dvd Series

MacCutcheon French

The Portuguese 

Morra Gambit Accepted

Morra Gambit Declined

King's Gambit

Nimzowitsch Defence 

Centre Counter Carnage! 

Queen's Gambit

Albin Counter-Gambit

Benko Gambit Accepted

Benko Gambit Declined

Annoying d-Pawn Openings

King's Indian 1

King's Indian 2

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

Leningrad Dutch

Anti-Flank Openings

21st Century Secret Weapons Vol. 1

21st Century Secret Weapons Vol. 2

&nb Win With 1...d6, Part 1 & 2

Blitz & Blindfold Challenge Match

IM Andrew Martin is perhaps the "foxiest" chess dvd author in the world, as he has made many outstanding contributions to the landmark chess dvd series Foxy Openings

Martin is a professional chess teacher and coach in England (currently teaching at eight schools) and is the chief coach of the English national Junior squad (ages 8-18). He was coach to four World Youth Champions and a host of English national junior champions - clearly Martin understands how to communicate chess knowledge to his students with great success and outstanding results!

Andrew Martin is the author of numerous chess books and chess videos, and is a contributing host at