GM James Plaskett (England)

Foxy Openings

f4 Sicilian

Budapest Gambit

The ...a6 Slav The Sidestep

The Torre Attack

The Trompowski

English Defence

Blitz & Blindfold Chess

G.M.Dvd Magazine 1-4

Challenge Grandmaster Dvd Brilliancy! (contributor)

James ("Gentleman Jim") Plaskett was the 1990 British Champion and is one of England's most successful tournament players. In recent years he has established himself as a very popular chess book author and has made many a foray into the world of chess dvd authorship.

Not only has Plaskett authored a fine selection of dvds in the Foxy Openings series, but he was the host of the highly acclaimed Garry Kasparov - My Story dvd series by the 13th World Champion Garry Kasparov.