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5 Benefits OF Chess lessons on dvd

1.Watching dvds will allow you retain 70% more than reading a book

2.Dvd G.M lessons cost a few dollars per Hour instead of over a 100 dollars per hour

3.Lessons can be reviewed over and over so you can learn at your own pace instead of trying to retain

everything you learn from what a coach may have taught you a week ago.

4. Dvd lessons will save you time by giving you the best opening lines and variations that G.M.'s use in their own games.

Recomendations on what or what not to play or study.

5. You will improve faster if you are weak in certain areas in chess there are lessons to help correct that.


Chess Lessons from Roman now available !!!

on a limited bases send inquiry to sales@chessdvds.com

Why buy a Roman dvd ?

Just Ask Daniel Johnston

I Beat G.M. Shabalov

On what I learned about the Nimzo Indian from Romans dvd


When I played GM Alexander Shabalov

I assumed that I would get crushed after all it was the first time 
that I ever played a grand master especially one of shabalov's 
After a few moves though that all changed . I first started watching 
Romans DVDs when I saw the one on Bobby Fischer. As many people, I 
loved him as a chess player, but of all the books I have read
none of that was as enjoyable as watching a Roman.I Started buying more of his dvds , putting them on Fritz, and studying them.

That was why I was so confident after an opening move!! Roman had told the world on 1 of his dvds (Roman Forum #34) that a certain move in the Nimzo Indian was very bad , Shabalov made that move ,I then used Romans recommendation to beat it by first winning a pawn. It seemed like White

had a pretty good attack but it was easy to neutralize it. I would definitely recommend a few, if not all his dvds.