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Getting the Winning Edge in the Middle Game Series

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Mastering Chess Series Volume 1-64

Master Chess 6000 all 64 dvds

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Volume # 51

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80 minutes


Building Powerful Attacks by Learning Piece Coodination

On this DVD Roman will demonstrate through several games how to dominate your opponent through piece coordination.  You will see how cohesive piece coordination will double or even triple the value of your pieces.

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thCTholle -Zertort $19.95






These updates will help you get an edge on counter improvements made by black.
This is a Great companion to Romans earlier dvd vol.22 on the Scotch and vol. 23 on the f4 Scillian

Learn the Oening the Easy way l7: d4 d5 $19.9

Volume #52

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76 Minutes

Finding tactical solutions in overwhelming  positions

Tactics and Combinations are the essentials of every chess game and are easier to find when you know the tactical themes example mate in 3 pins, forks etc.. On this dvd Roman explains how to find over the board  tactics & combination by recognizing weakness in  your opponents position and with logical thinking you will be able to exploit these weakness


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Volume #53

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89 minutes

Improve Your Ability to Calculate Variations

There is no exact theory on how to calculate. On this dvd  Roman will give you instructional examples on calculating critical postions and why to avoid wishful thinking and the importance of calculating from both sides.Intuition is essential part of calculating this will help you narrow your search on what variations to play. Without intuition there is no calculating.

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Capitalizing on your opponents weakness created in the game

Volume #54

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On this dvd ROman will help you recognize ,exploit and capitalize on your
opponents weakness also you will be able to avoid these mistakes in your
own games.

  Some of the highly instructional lessons on this dvd cover

*How to play with Queens and opposite color Bishops

*Strategy of blocking weak squares

*Good and bad Isolated Pawns

*Playing the weak squares and how to exploit them  

*Voluntary creating weaknesses

*Criteria to access a weakness

*Using Tactics to create weakness


A Tribute to Bobby Fischer

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  3 hours running time

On This dvd Roman pays Tribute to the Greatest pure Chess genius of all time Bobby Fischer
included on this dvd
*Never published and never revealed commentary & facts about Fischers life
*Evolution of Fischer From age 12
*How Russia ordered all there greatest G.M.'s to prepare Spassky to Beat Fischer in there 1972 Wc Match
*Fischer requested to meet & play Roman in the eighties
*Roman will show you his favorite Fischer games these games are Fantastic and rarely analyze.
*Roman comments on Fischer vs Karpov and who was better Fischer or Kasparov?
*Bonus included Interview from Karpov on Fischer and he annotates Game 3 of 1972 W.C.
*Extremely Rare footage from the Fischer Spassky 1992 rematch This DVD  Susan will teach you an exciting


In the early eighties Fischer requested to meet and play Roman they played series of 3 and 5 minute games where Roman held and edge in the 3 minute games and Fischer held an edge in the 5 minute games. According to Roman he was at the peek of his game and Fischer was 9 years removed from the World Championship so not to put much creedance in the biltz match.

According to Fischers agent Bobby had requested to play a match against Roman she advised against it because Roman was too strong and recommended a young Annad however the match never came to be. I asked Roman what would have happen if you played Fischer in his prime and he said he would of lost.

New #56 Reverse Openings $17.95


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              Man vs. Machine (4-4) 2 Wins 2 Draws 2 Losses  

  Roman vs. Rybka (rated 3100+)

The Strongest Chess Program ever  

  GrandMaster Roman is the worlds top players against computers. On this dvd Roman will cover games he played in his Match with Rybka as well as playing in a tournament with Rybka against other G.M. "s and chess computer programs. Roman describes how this next generation program  plays Flawless chess. Rybka has the abiltiy to evaluate positions better and faster than any other chess  program. making it a near perfect opponent.

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On This dvd Roman covers one of the most frequent questions he gets how to improve in the endgame all tournament players make the same mistakes over and over Roamn through several examples will show you how to take advantage of these mistakes

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#59 Attacking the Kings Indian defense with the Samisch 1 hour 6 min.

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The Samisch the most aggressive and dangerous opening against The Kings Indian. Roman bring you years of tournament experience involving The Samisch. So If you are tired of being pushed around by the Kings Indian this  attacking opening is for you.

Attacking Gambits and opening Pawn sacrifices to achieve the initiative and Sharpen your tactical play

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Roman and Larry will elevate your understanding of Gambit play and how pawn sacrifices can lead to devastating attacks This dvd will also  help sharpen your tactcial skills and understanding ideas behind pawn sacrifices.

Vol.61 Art Of Instant

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Attack On this dvd Larry Christiansen will demonstrate through a series of examples how to create instant violent attacks in your games.

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Larry will  examine  all movements that have effects on the enemy Kings positions such as: *The power of Queen centralizing *Power of a Knight on e7, & f5 *Rook lifting & Traffic Jams *Knight forks and attacks on Superior pieces * All Checks & Captures * Interference * Counter attacks & more

New Russian School Of Chess 3 Part Series

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On this dvd a

The Samisch the mPost aggressive and dangerous opening against The Kings Indian.

On this dvd
Roman bring you years of tournament experience involving The Samisch.
So If you are tired of being pushed around by the Kings Indian this attacking opening is for you.