Learn The Opening The Easy Way Series

The Colle -Zukertort System

$19.95 Purchase Now   Over 2 hours running time

On This DVD  Susan will teach you an exciting and dynamic easy to learn system to play The Colle- Zukertort.

Susan Polgar brings you 20 years of her own experience with this opening which is perfect for the PLAYER WHO ONLY wants to spend 1/10 the time it normally takes to master an opening .So if you are looking to avoid well known deeply analyzed main theoretial openings lines and want to win games in and out of opening the Colle Zukertort System is for you. Review

thCTholle -Zertort $19.95

 This dvd is Great

one of the best dvds ever produced on the opening

This ia also a great companion dvd to the foxy dvd d4 dynamite


These updates will help you get an edge on counter improvements made by black.
This is a Great companion to Romans earlier dvd vol.22 on the Scotch and vol. 23 on the f4 Scillian

Learn the EndGame the Easy Way ening the Easy way l7: d4 d5 $19.95

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  Over 2 hours running time ssential Basic Endgames lessons Part 1

$19.95 Purchase Now 85 Minutes It is Essential to know how to play and win your Endgames. In fact the Endgames are more essential to learn than openings

Chapter 1 On this Susan will cover all the most Important endgames for the novice player

Chapter 2

Susan Covers all the Basic Pawn Endgames,Square rule,the Rook Pawn ,Opposition, Geometry,in chess,Two extra Pawns, the Pawn race,one side Queens first, King activity and lots more!!!


Learn the EndGame the Easy Way

Volume 8:

Essential Basic Endgames lessons Part 1
$19.95 Purchase Now 85 Minutes

Susan produce the best end game series ever produced all 3

dvds are a must for all series players



On Part 2 of this dvd will cover all the Essential Rook endgames $19.95 Purchase Now  90 Minutes .

Including 1.Rook versus 1 pawn 2.Rook versus 2 connected pawns 3.Rook versus Bishop and Knight 4. The Philidor and Lucena position 5. Multi-pawn Endgames 6. Rook and bishop versus a Rook 7.Rook versus 1 pawn, 2 pawns, 1Bishop 8.Rook and pawn versus 1 Rook

Susan also covers Bishop Endgames, Knight Endgames, Bishop vs. Knight endgames, Queen endgames and lots more!!!

Volume 9

This dvd picks up where vol. 8 leaves off

Volume 10

Learn Endgames the Easy Way: Essential Endgames for the intermediate to advanced players.”

$19.95 Purchase Now 2 hours and 23 Minutes

On this DVD, Susan will bring you to the next level on your way to mastering the Endgame. This is a great follow-up DVD to Volume 8 and 9 (Essential Basic Endgames Parts 1 and 2). On this DVD, Susan teaches you how to play and win the more difficult Pawn, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Queen Endgames. By using frequently occurring Endgame examples, Susan will have you prepared to handle even the most challenging Endgames that can arise.

Buy all 4 volumes  74.95 includes a free Masterchess 6000  
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All 10 volumes plus bonus dvd Chess for Absolute Beginners Purchase all 10 for $159.00

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Volume 10



On this DVD Susan will bring you to the next level on your way to mastering the endgame .THis is a great follow up dvd to vols. 8 and 9 Essential basic Endgames Part 1 and 2