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No more trial & error achieve better results with less work!!

This updated 6 Dvd Series is a quick and complete reference guide On 47 Chess Openings. Roman added 2 more dvds also 7 new openings and updating 2 more to his best selling Encyclopedia of chess openings Series

Roman will give you good solid lines that are logical and easy to remember. These lines are easy to learn with a clear plan that will give you at minimum a comfortable position, and if your opponent goes wrong you will be able to take advantage and quickly punish him.

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New Romans Vol.116 & Vol.117

Vol.116 Purchase 16.95

Vol.117 Purchase 16.95

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Encyclopedia of Chess Openings 6 Part SeriesCliff Notes on Chess

New Vol.116 Roman's Lab Encyclopedia Of Chess Openings vol.5

1. Elephant Gambit 1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 d5!?
2. Latvian Gambit 1. e4 e52. Nf3 f5?!
3. Owen’s Defence 1. e4 b6
4. Scandinavian Defence 1. e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6
5.Center Counter Defence1. e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxp
6. 1.e4 Nc6

New ECO Vol.117 Powerful Lines Against1. Pirc Modern2. Modern Modern 1.e4 g6 2.d4 c6 3.Nf3 d5 3.Hippo Black Plays b6 and g6*****************************************************************

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Closed Sicilian

Art Of Winning with the Isolated Pawn in
The Panov Attack

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83 Minutes

The Panov Attack is one of the most important opening positions in chess to learn.  It is rich with positional play, building attacks, maneuvers tactics and much more.

 On this DVD Roman will explain the art of playing with an isolated pawn by mastering this art you will learn the science of chess and become a better chess player.

 The Panov is a must to master because it can transposes from several different openings including The Caro-, Grunfeld, Tarrasch, Nimzo Indian, Center Counter, and Accelerated Dragon. Roman will increase your understanding of playing and winning with the isolated pawn positions that arises in the Panov Attack

New Roman Vol.114

Vol.114 Stategy Behind Pawn Breakthroughs in the Opening , Middle & Endgame

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94 Minutes

On This DVD Roman will teach you the Strategy of Pawn breakthroughs in the opening middle and endgame which commonly appear during all phases of every game.
Roman covers deadly thematic ideas when your opponent has little counter play.
Also how winning tactical sacrifices are a result of pawn breakthroughs.
Your understanding and recognition of pawn breakthroughs will increase and also your awareness on how to prevent them will result in more wins!!








New Master Chess 8000 Interface  

add any UCi engine

  Multi-Chess Engine Interface Create Multiple - Colored Boards Sets & Pieces Krill,Merida,Linares,Hastings,& Zurich Super Large 2D Board  (Ideal for Large  Monitors)  

  Ultimate Game Collection -2 million games

Animate, Analyze, Annotate & Print Games GM Statistical Tree  

 User Friendly Interface  Search for games by Players Names, ECO codes, Move orders & Results. Import & Export PGN files and Board Graphics  

Play 7 of The World’s Highest Rated Engines

CCRL Rated 40/40  Contains 9 preloaded engines

  Stockfish- 3291 Rybka 2.2  3126 spark-1.0- 3091 Fruit- 2887 Strelka_ 2871

naum.2802 Ruffian-2702

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Upgrade From Mc7000 (special price if you own Mc7000)

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Giant Chess set $99.00

Also includes Bonus DvD Susan Polgar Chess in 30 Minutes

King 1 foot Board 4ft x 4ft

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Vol. 113

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1.   Latest in Kings Indian ideas, missed opportunities novelties.

Based on games in last 12-18 months. Extremely interesting input ,
that has never been published

2. Significant changes in some critical positions of Nimzo Indian.
Evaluations reversed and totally fresh ideas. Based on games of last
12-18 months.

Easy approach to Nimzo Indian, that was never introduced on public bases

3. Breakthrough as a critical tool in Middle games and endgames. In
dynamic and static positions.

Explained in wide variety of positions as one of the most critical
elements of the game.
Very instructive DVD for every player of any level


Significant Changes in Some Critial Positions in the Nimzo_Indian

Purchase 16.95

On this Dvd Roman Brings you the latest in Theory
in the Nimzo-Indian. Based on games in the last 12 to 18 months Roman
will give you new ideas and  suprise reversal of previous opening



Highly Instructional Games


The Queens Gambit Declined

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New 5 Part Strategy Series

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Strategy Behind Positional Sacrifices for Strategical Gains

Vol. 110

Strategy Series Vol.5

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Strategy Behind Positional Sacrifices For Strategical Gains
Highly Instructional DvD with alot of positional aspects of the game and the value of it.
Sacrificing material for a wide variety of Strategical compensation.
This is Great material for Mastering your own positional skills.
Strategy Chess Series Vol.5


PurchseVol.109 $17.95

Vol.109 Strategy Behind Playing With Strong Outpost's Easily Explained
98 Minutes
Chess Strategy Series Vol. 4

On This DvD, Roman explains one of the most important aspects of Positional Play
Playing with Strong OutPost's and Playing Against Strong Outpost's
Roman will take you step by step through games of the greatest minds of Chess.
Explaining the basics behind the Strategy of outpost's. Roman presents an easy way to learn positional play for you to apply to your own games.

Strategy Series Vol.3

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Vol. 108 Strategy Behind Learning Tactics Easily Explained (92 Minutes)

Chess Strategy Series Vol.3

On this Dvd Roman will take you step by step on How to get better at Tactics.
This is one of the most difficult subjects to explain.
By takings themes and tactics from his own games Roman brings a clearer
and easiler way to understand and improve your tactical skillls.
Roman will demostrate using pattern recognition taken from his some of his opening
Aso included the best tacic combination ever!!!!

Strategy of How to get a Winning Advantage with bad Pawns

Vol. 107 Strategy Series Vol.2

Purchase $17.95

Vol. 107 (85 Minutes)
Strategy of How to Get a Winning Advantage with Bad Pawns

Chess Strategy Series Vol.2

On This Dvd Roman gives you carefully selected examples of advantages and disadvantages of weak and damages pawn Structures these examples can easily
be applied to your own games.


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On this DvD Roman gives carefully selected examples of advantages and disadvantages of weak and damage pawn structures. Highly instructional material that you will be able to apply to your own games.

Chess Strategy Vol.1

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Purchase All 5 Part Strategy Series $74.95

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This dvd will help your chess game whether you’re a novice level player or master, Roman will teach you how to play and win by blockading Pawns right out of the Opening. Blockaded Pawns occur in every openings and by following  Roman’s  easy  universal system you will have a new way to win games. You will become a much better chess player once you master what Roman teaches you and be able to convert Blockaded Pawn structures into wins!!!




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Vol.106 Strategy Behind Playing Pawn Blockaded Positions Right out of the Opening!!

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This dvd will help your chess game whether you’re a novice level player or master, Roman will teach you how to play and win by blockading Pawns right out of the Opening. Blockaded Pawns occur in every openings and by following  Roman’s  easy  universal system you will have a new way to win games. You will become a much better chess player once you master what Roman teaches you and be able to convert Blockaded Pawn structures into wins!!!


Vol.105 Remarkable Rejuvenation of The Scandinavian Defence

Vol.105 Purchase $17.95

1 Hour 46 Minutes

On this dvd Roman reinvents some of the most popular lines in the Center Counter

 Roman demonstrates by using some of his own games as examples

new ways to play against lines that previous gave white an edge. There are lots of new hidden possibilities for both sides

This dvd will give ground breaking new unpublished theory on the center counter. allowing you to catch

Your opponent by surprise


Vol. 104 Amazing Tactical Possibilities in The Najdorf

Purchase $ 17.95

92 Minutes


On this DVD Roman covers current high level games in the Najdorf

Roman will demonstrate for both Black and White overlooked

forced wins right out of the opening. Romans amazing new analysis

Is rich with tactics and will rewrite  over 40 years of theory.

Najdorf has been explored 30 moves deep now just a few moves in to the opening

you can determine a win for either side.

Nowhere will you find this original analysis

Roman located 147 games and not 1 covered what you will learn on this dvd.


New Roman Volume #103

Purchase $17.95

90 Minutes

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New Roman Vol. 102

Romans Best DvD on The Grand Prix Attack!!!


Purchase $18.95

2 hours 31 Minutes

Killing The Sicilian With The Grand Prix Attack


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One of the most valuable game collection
Games with most common continuations against  the GP and how to handle them.

Most unexpected crashes and devastating results of nearly invisible mistakes by black.

23 Highly instructive and educational Games

Following those games will surely produce some great results for GP players


New From Foxy Opennings


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More Detail & Review

106 minutes

On this DvD Roman shows some unconventional and easy to learn ways to play King's Indian defense.
Original approach and sound credible positions will inspire to learn this opening and
You will get positions where your middlegame plan will be clearly outlined.



Lazy Chess Player

(Unless its ideas and concepts I will not spend the time learning it)

This dvd is great way to learn the Kings Indian because it is based on ideas and concepts

which are easier to remember then the traditional long variations which are common in the King's Indian Defence

There are lots of hidden traps that white can and does fall into just by making what looks like the best and most logical moves.

These mistakes are made on the highest level which Roman will demostrate using several of his own games.

I was amazed because it seemed like the opening plays itself and as Roman went through his games

I was thinking no way this is good for Black then a few moves later white was worse or lost and these are GM's

After watching the dvd you will be able to apply right away most of what you learned in your own games

Roman created a new way to play Kings Indian verifying his ideas with Rybka

There is no reason you can not win games right out of the openning just by following what Roman teaches you.

A bonus for me after watching it I found myself using the ideas and principles I learned

in other openings.


Romans Lab 100 Chess DVD lessons to Choose from More Details>>>

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Roman has gathered some of the best games  played with his original opening ideas and concepts to update you in the latest chess theory. Including great tactics generated by novelties as well as very and amazing endgames.Roman  will also bring you a brief analysis of current developments played on the highest level.This Vol. 100 is a collection of some of the best chess material Roman has brought you over the last. 2 decades. 




New!! Complete Repetoire - 3 Part series On The Modern


Romans Lab 100 Chess lessons to Choose from More Details>>>

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Volume 99 Purchase $17.95

Volume 98

Purchase $18.95


102 Minutes

Purchase Volume 97

118 Minutes

New !!!!!
  Simple and Comfortable Systems in The Caro-Kann for White & Black 

On this DvD Roman will teach you an amazing easy to learn System to get the most comfortable and promising clear plan for White in the Caro-Kann. For Black you will learn a forgotten system which will give you an easy game plan with active
and promising positions. This active way to play
helped Roman win his biggest tournament. 

This a brief preview of some of Roman & Rybka's Vol.91 Practical Killer Traps

Killer Trap in the French

On this DVD you can see wide variety of super sharp and very very practical continuations with exiting combinations and traps.

  Easy to adapt and make opening play dangerous for your oponent is the goal.  

Most of the suggestions are original and have never been published before !!!

Reviewed by John Elburg

Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili explains in a small 90 minutes the secrets of the Burn- Morozevich Variation that runs with
the moves 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 dxe4 5.Nxe4 Be7 6.Bxf6 gxf6.
The Rybka team from runs under the companionship of Larry Kaufman,who by the way wrote not so long ago a interesting article on this line
in the New in Chess Year books.
The material is build-up in the following sections: Mainline,two heavy loaded  games  and a well explained conclusion.
Roman Dzindzichashvili does not work to much with references to the games but the evaluated material from him is certainly
more than enough to get started with the move 6…gxf6!?
Recapturing with the pawn on f6 leads to a more dynamic game but he must not forget his king's pawns.
When I compare this DVd with the analyses from Lev Psakhis in his book the French Defence,Steinitz,Classical  and other systems, Batsford
2004 than I only can say go for this DVD from Dzindzichashvili!
Because the instructive will help you to play and understand the Morozevich Variation in a much  easier  way of understanding!
Conclusion: Nice work to get started with the Burn/Morozevich Variation! 

More detail

New Roman 86,87,89,90,91,92,93,94,95


New Roman 83,84,85



Rybka 78-82 !!!!!

85.Understanding The ConCept Of the Middle game Based on Opening Strategy

84.Rybka's Quest for Replacing The Ruy Lopez with the Giucoco Piano

New way to Play Against The Sicilian With B-b5

83. Staggering New Novelties in the Gran Prix, Grunfeld,and Accelerated Dragon

82.Easy to Learn Ambitious System for White to Play against The Hippo,Modern & Pirc Defences

81.Easy and Promising Way for White to Play against the Najdorf Sicilian

Vols. 80 Reversing of well established evaluations in Giuoco Piano and 2 knights defence

Vols. 79 Dynamic Positional lines in The Semi Slav Defense Explained Part 2

Vol.78 Razor Sharp lines in The Semi SLav Defense Explained Part 1


Roman 77-65

Vol.77Beating 1.d4 White avoids playing against the Dzindzi Indian Defense   Part 2

Vol.76 Beating 1.d4 With the Aggressive & Revised  Dzindzi Indian Defense   Part 1

Vol.75 Slaying The Dragon(actually Killing the Dragon)

Vol. 74 The Dynamic Catalan An Ambitious Opening Repertories for White

Vol. 73 The Complete Greenfield Defense with New Secrets and Novelties Part 2

Vol. 72 The Complete Grunfeld Defense with New Secrets and Novelties Part 1

Vol.71 New Improved Lines and Novelties in the Caro-Kann

Make Your own (Any 10) Dvd Special $139.00

Vol.70 Refuting Previous Sound Opening Lines With Surgical Precision

Vol. 69    Dzindzi Anti-English  Complete and Ambitious System for Black against  1.c4

Vol. 68 Qd6 Scandinavian #1 Underestimated Weapon for Black Against 1. e4

Vol. 67 Progressive way of Handling the Marcy Bind

Vol.66 New and Improve Accelerated Dragon!!!

Vol. 65 The Different Between Sound and Unsound Ways To Play Sharp Openings

55 A Tribute to Bobby Fischer

Make Your own (Any 10) Dvd Special $139.00


Volume My Story 5 Volume Set On Sale 8 hours 12 mins.

Kasparov My Story 5 Vols.>>

96 Roman dvds>>

105 Foxy ChessOpenings>>>>v

Women Chess Stars- Krush>>>

 Foxy Fighting Chess Dvd Series >>

Foundation Of Chess Dvd Series>>

7 Bobby Fischer Chess Dvd's Collection>>

Karpov & Shirov Best Games Collection >>

GrandMaster Video Dvd Magazine 15 vols. >>

GrandMaster Repertoire Series- Najdorf,Kings Indian >>

Improve Your Chess Dvd Series- Wolf ,Mednis & Kopec>>

World Championships -Kasparov,Karpov,Short, Yasser,>

Duels Of the Mind, Great Britians Greatest Triumph & Prelude to Armageddon

Secret Of the Russian School Of Chess Dvds -Roman, Karpov & Romanslab>>Details


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Malcolm Pein, Kasparov, Boris Spassky, Walter Browne, Susan Polgar,


28 New Foxy dvd's!!!

105 Foxy Opening Chess dvd's More detail on lessons >>

The Foxy Openings Series is a timeless collection of Grandmaster's opening explained simple enough to comprehend at any level.

These dvds will improve your rating and give you a greater understanding

of all the openings and is recommenced for all levels !!!

Vol. 101 The Main Line Winawer

Vol. 102 A French Repetoire- Tarrasch and Advance Variations

Vol. 103 A French Repetoire -Exchange and Kings Indian Attack Variation


Vol. 100 The Modern Scandinavian & Icelandic Carnage

The Complete Grunfeld Vols.1 & 2


Vol.95 The Blumenfeld Gambit Demo

Vol. 92 The English Demo


Vol. 89 The Baltic Easily Explained

1.d4 d5 2.c4 Bf5!?

Tried of what to Play against the Queens Gambit then this new Secret weapon is for you

Its been play by GM with good results So take the intiative from the start and Play the Baltic

Volumes 77-83

Vols. 82 & 83The Sveshnikov Sicilian Parts 1&2

Vol.81 The Lion

Vol.79 and 80 The Kings Gambit Part 1and 2

Volume 78 Learn to Play the Nimzo-Indian The Easy Way

Vol. 77 Sicilian Kan The easiest and most flexible Sicilian to Learn

All 105 Foxy Titles Click here

  The easiest way to learn chess

Reviewed by Sean Marsh!!!!!

Volume 1-6 More detail >>

Volumes 7,8,9,10

Susan Polgar Mastering the French 3 dvd series vols.11,12,13

New Review By Chessville On Polgars 3 Part French click here

Susan Polgars 3 New dvds on the French more info & Free pdf File


Pdf Files French 11,12,13,

French 11 Vol.1 Chapter 1

French 11 Vol.1 Chapter2

French 11 Vol.1 Chapter 3

French 11 Vol. 1 Chapter 4

French 12 vol. 2 Chapter 1

French 12 vol.2 Chapter 2

French 12 Vol. 2 Chapter 3

French 12 Vol. 2 Chapter 4

French 13 Vol. 3



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Raymond Keene 8 dvd Collection $84.95Purchase Now

Now Available On Dvd by Raymond Keene

Duels Of the Mind, Great Britians Greatest Triumph & Prelude to Armageddon

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All Dvds are produced at BullseyeDisc

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