Ronen Har-Zv Bio
  Ronen Har-Zvi (born 13 October 1976) is an Israeli chess player and
  writer. Har-Zvi won the under-16 title at the World Youth Chess
  Champion in 1992. He holds the title of Grandmaster of chess since

  Growing up in Israel, Har-Zvi was taught to play chess at age 5 by his

  In 2008, Har-Zvi finished second in the "Ciudad de Dos Hermanas", the
  largest online chess tournament in the world. Har-Zvi lost 3.5-0.5 in
  the final to the untitled Jorge Sammour-Hasbun.

  Har-Zvi is a regular expert commentator and host on the Internet Chess
  Club. He also operates an account, "Indiana-Jones", with a peak rating
  of 3215 for blitz chess and 2947 for bullet chess. He is a columnist
  for CHESS magazine.
  Aside from chess, Har-Zvi works as a stock trader.[8] Until September
  2009 he resided in Saratoga, New York with his wife Heather, whom he
  met online at the Internet Chess Club, and their son, Aaron. In 2010,
  Har-Zvi became head chess coach at the University of Texas at
  Brownsville, and moved with his family to Brownsville, Texas replacing
  Grandmaster Gilberto Hernández Guerrero who had resigned from that
  position due to personal reasons.