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Getting the Winning Edge in The Endgame Series

Volume 46

Incredible Tactics and Combinations

Ever in the Endgame

$17.95 Purchase

running time 1:06:01

On This DVD Roman will bring to you 13 of the

most incredible tactical endgames ever. Some

of these tactical shockers will come out of

nowhere, demonstrating regardless how bad

a position may look, there may be a hidden

win or saving draw.  Enlightened by these

examples, you will be able to apply these

ideas to your own games.  So before

you resign in the endgame, watch this DVD. 

You may be able to salvage your game.

These updates will help you get an edge on counter improvements made by black.

Volume 47

The Most Brilliant Squeezes Ever in the Endgame

W On this DVD Roman will show you

brilliant positional squeezes in the endgame.

  These highly instructional endgames were

played on the highest level but very easy t

o understand so you can apply these

ideas and concepts to your own games.

Some examples will cover good

Knight vs. bad, opposite color Bishops,

the Passive Rook and more.

$17.95 Purchase

Running time 1:11:12

Volume 48

Complete Universal f4 System for White

Against the Scillian Fianchetto & Non-Fianchetto Variations

$17.95 Purchase

Running time  1:43:14

  On this DVD Roman guarantees you

a very playable position and some

advantages for White against the

Sicilian Defense. Roman will demonstrate

o you easy to learn universal plans and

ideas in the opening and middle game.

Roman shows you easy to remember

setups and themes that will leave you

very well prepared to meet the Sicilian

and get an advantage over your opponent


Volume 49

Magnificent Instructional Masterpieces in

The Kings Indian Defense

$17.95 Purchase

Running times  1:23:50

On this DVD Roman will explain move

by move highly instructional and amazing

Kings Indian Games played by some of the

Worlds Greatest Players. The games range

from 1950 to the present and includes gems

from Fischer and Kasparov.







Volume 50

Unsound Openings and How to Exploit Them

$17.95 Purchase

Running times  1:14:50

On this DVD Roman will show you how to play

against Bad Openings and how to exploit them.

Roman will take you through several  very

instructional bad openings for black and by

taking a logical and simple approach you can

achieve an advantage. This DVD not only

provides excellent lines against the Elephant

Gambit , Budapest,  Baker Defense, French,

Sicilian, England and Marshall Gambits but

will show you basic ideas behind getting an

edge against inferior opening play.

This will help you to never get caught off

guard again.

All 5 New Romans

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All 50 Roman dvds

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