New Vol.105

Vol.105 Purchase $17.95

1 Hour 46 Minutes

On this dvd Roman reinvents some of the most popular lines in the Center Counter

 Roman demonstrates by using some of his own games as examples

new ways to play against lines that previous gave white an edge. There are lots of new hidden possibilities for both sides

This dvd will give ground breaking new unpublished theory on the center counter. allowing you to catch

Your opponent by surprise



Vol. 104 Amazing Tactical Possibilities in The Najdorf

92 Minutes


Purchase $ 17.95

On this DVD Roman covers current high level games in the Najdorf

Roman will demonstrate for both Black and White overlooked

forced wins right out of the opening. Romans amazing new analysis

Is rich with tactics and will rewrite  over 40 years of theory.

Najdorf has been explored 30 moves deep now just a few moves in to the opening

you can determine a win for either side.

Nowhere will you find this original analysis

Roman located 147 games and not 1 covered what you will learn on this dvd



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90 minutes

On this dvd Roman Updates his Best Selling DVD Crushing lines (RomanVol.33) covering The Alekhine Defence,

French , Caro-kann and now included The Center Counter. With the help of Rybka Roman has given the edge back to white in all these openings and created a whole new opening Gambit in the center counter. Roman created a new way to play against the Center Counter by giving up a pawn early in the game with leads
to extra time and space for White. Romans understands black has already made 3 Queen moves and by giving up a pawn causes black to fall even further behind in development a great concept that works well since making 5-6 Queen moves for Black cannot be good. Rybka at first did not like Romans gambit idea however it did not take long before Rybka was giving white a plus score.

Roman does equally well with his ideas in the French, Alekhine and Caro-kann.

Stop wasting time searching everywhere for opening winning lines they are all on this dvd.

Roman #102

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2 hours 31 Minutes

Killing The Sicilian With The Grand Prix Attack

One of the most valuable game collection

Games containing the most common continuations against Gran Prix and how to handle them.

You will see most unexpected crashes and devastating results of nearly invisible mistakes by black.

Highly instructive and educational.

Following these games will surely produce some great results for GP players




The lazy Chess Player

Roman has covered the Gran Prix attack in several other dvds the difference

in this one is Roman brings 23 of his own games.

Roman understands this opening better than anyone and explains all the invisible threats that come

up all the time as result of Black making what seem like normal moves.

What I found amazing is how Roman destroys G.M.'s just a few moves into the opening

winning 40% of his games that way and winning another 30% by getting an advantage out of the opening.

His games contain lots of different variations which Roman explains in great detail

making them easy to understand and remember.

Now if Roman can do this to players at the highest level image what you can do against the average chess player.

I am d4 player after watching this dvd I decided to switch to e4 so I can play against the Sicilian.

The concepts and ideas are easy to follow even if I don't make the best move I still get good games.

How many times have you ever heard anyone say I hope my opponent plays the Sicilian.

Now you can look forward beating the Sicilian!!!